Creating a more human conversation

Short Read: In 2016 we are now designing for a very factual reality and that is consumers are incredibly technology-empowered, more connected and distracted than ever. This means your approach of “let’s just build an app and go responsive web” simply isn’t good enough any more.

Why? Well, design is more human than that, it has to be and customer expectations are changing. The communication of people acknowledged through the application of HCD (Human Centered Design) draws on empathy and the interactions from a language of gestures, not just scaled content. Today HCD is about the contextual conversation you are creating and the connection people have with that conversation agnostic to screen type or technology.

Therefore a screen agnostic conversation is poised to be an even more significant transformation of design than the shift from desktop to mobile. Conversations of a digital nature are predicted to be more embeddable in so many more places as wearables and the Internet of Things become more prevalent.