Design Thinking Workshop

About This Workshop

Design Thinking & Human Centred Design (HCD) are approaches that look to fully understand customer behaviours, patterns, needs, desires and emotions across a wide range of influencing factors.

An approach and perspective that is strongly people centric where observation, immersion and engagement with customers in context to their own working lives is critical.

Design Thinking & HCD are both driven by empathy and allows us to uncover the right insights into human orientated problems, the challenges faced, the expectations and perceptions when products or services are interacted with.

This workshop will be a hands-on, active participation session which will encourage all participants to communicate a variety of innovative product / service solutions for customers through the following phases:

  • Empathise
  • Define
  • Ideate
  • Prototype
  • Test



Students will learn:

  • Empathy for people & contexts
  • Customer behaviours & expectations
  • Asking the right questions to frame the right problems
  • Rapid, lean prototyping that addresses a problem and a need
  • In-depth knowledge of the design thinking & HCD process and the tools require

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