Destination Melbourne

This iconic Melbourne Travel and Tourism institution felt a sense of urgency to develop a digital transformation roadmap that propelled the entire organisation towards leading competitive status in the industry.

The Idea

Position one of Melbourne's unique Travel & Tourism operators as an institution  that has a strong foothold on localised small business and culturally rich destinations. It was vital we collectively framed a digital vision which highlighted and promoted sustainable growth as well as the appropriate disruptive strategies to succeed in a massively competitive digital age.

The challenge was that the company had numerous product groups, each with its own customer segments, brand experiences, and selling models. Each product destination was operating by traditional processes and production means in silo and lacked a unified digital and customer centric lens through which they could always adapt, monetise and mature.

destination melbourne

Our Approach

The approach was to firstly address, analyse and report on the following:

  • Customer and User Experience
  • Product Accessibility and Usability
  • Digital Performance
  • Company culture
  • Process

We recommended positioning the unique needs of business, customer and technology into three Human Centered Design lenses to unify all digital products, processes and approaches together.

  • Customer Desirability
  • Technology Feasibility
  • Business Viablity

Our Solution

This approach allowed us to create a future focused, customer centric digital roadmap that delivered on the high expectations local and international tourists have of digital experiences and unified a value proposition across all distributed products with the ability to measure all incremental success metrics. 

Central to the coordination of all activities, was the recommendation to implement a global technology and content management strategy to allow multiple product groups to effectively and efficiently govern all digital customer experiences from a single platform and domain.