What is Design Thinking?

First and foremost Design Thinking is a creative approach which starts with a deep understanding of people. It begins with intimately knowing the problems, challenges, needs and desires of individuals in context to their everyday day lives before attempting to come up with solutions.

Starting early

Our world is changing all to quickly. We need to prepare our kids for a future where technologies today will have evolved and yesterdays jobs are no longer relevant. We need to equip our children with a diverse set of skills, of thinking collaboratively, problem solving and empathising with the challenges of our changing society, in a competitive global market.

Our Workshops

We take students through the following 5 key steps

1. Understand

We observe and care about people by listening to how they think, feel, see, hear, say and do.

2. Care

Work together to inquire about the problems we have seen and heard. See opportunities, overcome challenges.

3. Create

We collaborate and create many solutions, always thinking back to what we have observed in the beginning.

4. Build

We have fun building our solution with what ever tools we have handy, be it lego, pipe cleaners or pen, paper and scissors.

5. Share and Reflect

We share, listen and reflect on our solution. We learn that mistakes are ok which take you closer to success.

We are very passionate about empowering our future generation of innovators. To book your incursion or for more details please drop us a line.

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