Melbourne's Flagship CBD Designer Shopping Destination

The Idea

Provide customers with a faster way by which they can self discover all that Emporium has to offer beyond traditional promotions, sales and advertised offers.

Customers are demanding more help and direction from digital retail experiences and the more we adapt to behaviour and context of use the greater the accuracy of design. 


Our Approach

A human centered, customer first approach was taken that positioned a device agnostic, adaptive experience as one which is optimised to behaviour and screen type considering multiple touch points. We framed the experience as one which had to be quick, always there, always relevant and always available. 


Our Solution

We created and crafted an experience which provided app like functionality beyond a static website. Our solution allowed and enabled customers to access all forms of informative content wherever and whenever beyond that of a basic responsive template. The final design promoted trust, engagement and above all brand loyalty.