Mind Insurance

Personal and Professional Development Tool. Guiding individuals and organisations through growth, change and fulfilment. 

The Idea

What if there was a better way to more effectively help individuals with their professional and personal development in the workplace? What if we looked beyond the static, sometimes disconnected, systems and processes that company cultures still endure? What if people could utilise the functionality of a progressive tool that grows with the continuous participation of each individual?


Our Approach

We looked at the offering first then assessed how it should manifest in a relevant highly contextual way across all the different stages of ones personal and professional life and career journey. Open and honest, collaborate design activities followed involving all project stakeholders and technology specialists.

Extensive sketching, wireframing and prototyping was performed across device in accordance with a detailed information architecture blueprint. Each prototyped task and scenario was put in front of real people in context to their everyday lives.


Our Solution

Making it real. What we loved about working with the Mind Insurance team, is that they wanted to take ownership of the entire personal and professional development experience. We created a tool that helps identify customer needs in different phases of the development continuum paired together with a targeted service offering. This is just the beginning, a first step towards a new form of disruptive health insurance revolving around one's personal and professional development.

mind insurance