Industry leading local Superannuation provider

The Idea

How can superannuation customers trust in an experience which serves everything to everyone?  When there are so many complexities to understand when it comes to wealth, how do we help people with making the right choices at the right times? So what if we created a better way to profile customers with the objective of serving the most relevant content applicable to age, career and lifestyle status upfront. What if the experience worked for customers instead of customers working through pages of generalised content? What if we provided new and existing customers with the means to access the most informative content to begin with, engaging and growing confidence whilst building trust?


The Approach

We started by creating an extensive body of tasks, journey's, sketches, wireframes and information architecture blueprints. We looked closely at customer challenges, opportunities, intentions and motivations which drove key decision making micro-moments. From there, and as early as possible, we created a series of hypotheses which we prototyped and tested with customers. We observed and validated all forms of behaviour, expectations, needs and desires which helped shape and refine all forms of the designed experience.


Our Solution

We designed an experience which was coupled with the mood of rich emotive imagery established to engage, surprise and delight users as they made their way around the site. With the presentation of simple and intuitive choice, the VicSuper digital customer experience helps people navigate through the complexities of superannuation with continuous help and support they deserve and expect.